The value of RIKIPAL wooden pallets

Dear customers of Rikipal SRL,

Thank you for choosing to read about why our pallets are more expensive than those from other companies. We are a reliable company with 13 years of experience in the field and we are proud to have exported with you over 2 million pallets to dozens of countries.

Rikipal pallets are known for their superior quality and the fact that they have never been reported to customs as not complying with the rules and standards for wooden packaging. This is because we are experts in the field, we are continually researching and learning, and we produce pallets according to quality specifications and health standards.

We are also unique in the market as the only accredited company with certificates confirming that we are the only company that heat treats wooden pallets according to the International Standard IPPC 15. Our plant is powered by electricity and the cost per pallet treated is 25-30 lei depending on the quantity of pallets, guaranteeing that all pests are destroyed, and the stamp affixed to each heat-treated pallet assures you of the quality of RIKIPAL’s services and wood products.

We are also a transparently operating company and all our sales are legal, with no loopholes. We are the largest tax payer in the wood packaging industry and have a team of 25-30 employees depending on the season. We care about our customers and want to warn you to watch out for scammers and counterfeit pallets. In addition, we recommend our customers not to offer bribes to ANSA inspectors, but to use professional and accredited services, which will optimize their business process and logistics in particular.

Although we are aware that we have the highest price on the pallet market in Moldova, we assume this status because of the advantages we offer our customers. We have a warehouse with a permanent stock of over 20 thousand pallets, which gives you the possibility to quickly find the type of pallet you need. Our professional manager will be happy to help you choose the right pallet for your needs, without having to buy an expensive pallet if it is not needed. Also, our strict and fair pallet sorting process ensures that those that do not meet the standards are dismantled and recycled.

This is how the price of Rikipal pallets is created. They are not ‘more expensive’, they have a higher value and a correctly formed price – which can always be compared with the price in healthy markets such as Romania and Ukraine.

Thank you for your trust!

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