RIKIPAL is constantly looking for suppliers of wooden pallets.

Selling your used pallets is an easy way to free your storage space and make money without any effort.

We buy everything at once. Pallets’ price is negotiable and depends on their quantity, condition and terms of delivery. If their delivery to our warehouse is not possible, we are ready to provide you transportation services from your premises. The payment is made upon delivery in any way accepted by you.

How do we purchase pallets?

We buy everything at once

Manager visit

On your phone call, the manager of Rikipal Company drives to the pallet storage site at any time convenient to you.


Every pallet undergoes a systemic assessment of the following parameters: pallet condition, type and model, quantity of products and their delivery conditions.

Contract and payment

After the assessment and agreement on transaction terms, we will make the payment in the most convenient way for you. Our experts will assist you in any matter.

We are always glad to help you!

Do you have new pallets for sale? We are ready to purchase them. Please, contact our managers.

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