• Reduces by 70% the loss of fruits and vegetables during their storage
    • Uniform ventilation of products in the refrigerator
    • Rounded corners and edges do not damage the fruit
    • It is possible to store multiple levels (without using shelves and storage systems)
    • Easy access to products
    • Twice fewer workers will intervene in case of overload
    • The time required will be reduced by half
  • You have not decided yet?
    Consider the following:
    • You pay 30% less for sorting and packaging harvest
    • The amount of damaged and altered products will decrease by 3 times
    • You acquire almost everlasting containers that are easily kept and can be used again and again
    • A broken container needs huge time and expenses to repair it
    • Broken pallet collar can be easily changed

Units of delivered goods

This year we have delivered more than 1.9 million products within and beyond the territory of the Republic of Moldova.


Satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction is a priority for us. We do our best to deliver your order on time and in full.



Our products are in demand in 16 countries of the European Union. We do not cease to increase our customer base and to expand our sales territory.

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